Pandemonia Creative Lab | Identity & Website Design

Miami-based Furniture and Living Design Company, Pandemonia Creative Lab, contacted us to give their branding tools a fresh new look, colors and minimalistic style. 

The Project

We started from the premise of updating their logo from a trendy teal color to a more classic and neutral gold tone, that in multiple pieces can be adapted to a metallic foil gold or multi-tone ochres to obtain the desired effect.

This color palette change was the main focus of the project, since it held the concept that the company needs “to be received as a brand of high quality  design, inspired in Fashion, Art, Music, Traveling and European aesthetic.


The Solution

Taking the color palette as the guide to style the identity process, we developed business cards that showed a delicate effect of gold gradients, mixed in with a spot varnish of texture, showing as a flourish design on top of the logo. This effect is more evident against the light as it appears and disappears when you twist the card in your hands.

 On the envelopes and letterhead design, we kept the same minimalistic aesthetic that allows the brand to be unobtrusive to any proposal designs and colors that were printed in these materials.

Letterhead design

Letterhead Design

Proposal Letter, Envelope & Note Pad Design

Website Design & Layout

For the website design, we developed a mini site in simple HTML & CSS styling that includes a home page, about page, services page, and photo gallery with minimal navigation, plus a contact page. 

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