Muchi Cheap + Chic: Identity + Stationery

We need an identity that can represent a new way of using personalized shopping, for clothing and accessories.  It needs to be trendy, it needs to be colorful, it needs to be flexible. A mark that can represent all the different brands we provide for women’s fashion.


The Project

The challenge presented was to create an identity for a personalized shopping business, that appealed to young women (20 -35 yrs old segment) that could be flexible enough to divide itself in retail categories (jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc.) and maintain unity through different applications.

The logo needed to be generic enough to blend in with all the brands of products our clients represent under their own company and at the same time make it distinguishable enough, that when applied to hang tags, stickers and shopping cards, it could be identified as belonging to the unique shopping experience that Müchi offers their clientele.

The Solution

Haute Print presented the final result as very colorful, handmade style typography and illustrations that made the brand capture the uniqueness of their business model. Each category is represented with a hand drawn line artwork of a piece of clothing (dress, shoes, jewelry,etc.) and a specific color for each section.

For Müchi, the working experience with Haute Print was very rewarding. On the occasion we needed to create our logo and all our company’s branding, it was all done in 2 weeks, on a long distance meetings.

The result was fabulous! Haute Print immediately understood what we wanted and how we wanted it. Jucel used our ideas and transformed them into beautiful and impeccable designs. Her talent is impressive, I truly recommend Haute Print!

Marybel Diogo • Müchi Cheap & Chic

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