Mozayko: Identity + Stationery

We want to a logo to match the style of our craft, a mark that it’s easy to remember and to be attractive enough that potential customers walking by our booth will be immediately drawn to stop and have a look at our products.


The Project

Mozayko Handmade accessories was looking to build their brand around the concept of their best selling product: handmade clay flowers of different styles and colors. The logo needed to adapt to be really simple but unique, and use a unique palette of colors that would separate each category of jewelry they belonged to. The client requested as well to have a series of illustrations and characters that would accompany their booth displays and jewelry cards.

The Solution

We created a logo that match the style of the wiring used to create their unique jewelry and complementing it with a series of flower illustrations that mimic the shapes and textures of their clay creations. The logo was set to be used in a vibrant color palette and also on white when used on complex backgrounds.

For the booth displays, there were 2 girl characters created for the Fall/Winter Season line, which matched the color trend for each line represented with them. We also designed a full line of earring holding cards for each product size presented.

Thanks to Haute Print and their creative quality products, our handmade accessories became instantly recognizable. Every customer loved the presentation and were amazed by the artistic touch. Definitely unique and out -of -the -box design, which is key for marketing!

Michelle Römer - Mozayko

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