Mia Piccolo Montessori: Identity + Website

The idea is to make the school brand kid-friendly. So many schools have a rigid and serious identity, but we want our school logo to represent the philosophy we are offering: a colorful learning environment, friendly and fun… just like a Montessori School should be.

The Project

They needed a brand new concept to make this innovative Montessori school as unique as its philosophy: from the uniforms to the wall designs, we were to present a integral environment where kids and adults could fully immerse themselves and have fun.

The plan was to create a logo that represented study and fun, for boys and girls and that would step out of the stereotypical colors for each gender. The characters developed needed to grow to have personalities and be used in illustrations and stories later on. Besides creating the identity, it was requested that plans for future materials and environmental graphics be created to match the final look.

The Solution

We developed a logo, stationery sets and many other marketing materials that supported a 2 color palette as well as full color environment for the characters to live in. The characters were named after the school (Mia, the girl – Piccolo, the boy).

We also designed and programmed the website for the school following a color scheme and style of the physical location and their minimalistic rooms and environment. Each section of the site, contains custom developed icons and imagery that was created exclusively for the brand.

As the school opened, we were requested to create a series of illustrations that were painted on the exterior walls of the building and patio are were the kids can interact with the design, writing on chalkboard sections of the surface.

We at Mia Piccolo Montessori are super happy with the work Haute Design did for us in creating our brand. Every step of the way they were there giving us great ideas and feedback. Always in a timely fashion, we love are logo design and our whole brand in general. Thank you so much!!!

Sherlly Brache - Owner/Director Mia Piccolo Montessori

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