Color Trends for your Business?

Color Trends for your Business?

So when we think of color combinations, is easy to think of interior designers or the fashion industry using them to follow the trends their customers will be interested in when purchasing new products. Actually trendy hues, can be used to give a fresh look at marketing materials and stationery for your business and it’s very easy to connect them with your branding.

So let’s take for example these colors I have sampled from recent projects:


The key to successfully use these modern palettes is to look for the ones that better combine with your current marketing materials, cards and advertising. Specially if you have products to promote, the colors you pick should be used to make your items stand out, but being careful that they don’t get lost in them.

Here’s a few tips to consider:

1. Keep it simple: It’s always easier to mix and match color tones when they are all located on one main element, an illustration or a photo, that becomes the focal point of the piece you want to create. Plus, having one place in the design with the new color scheme makes the viewer pay attention to the new style quicker and keep their interest.





2. Keep it limited: The best way to avoid making a circus of crazy colors, and miss the point, is to keep the colors you use to a limited selection. In one piece of marketing material, the rule should be not to use more than 4 hues at the same time. Of course, there are photographs and certain illustrations that contain millions of tones and variations of colors, but keep in mind that you should count only the predominant colors in them, and match those to the rest of the layout. Neutrals are the exception to this rule, where they can also find their place in making new color palettes stand out.




3.  Keep it in theme: Trend on colors come and go, so besides using color that are in style make sure to pick colors that are in range with theme that you are developing for your marketing piece. If you are talking about water, make sure there are some blue tones; if you are talking about “hot prices”, make sure you pick some warm oranges and reds. Remember that color is not there for just decoration, it also communicates without words the message that you are sending out.

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